Neuro Connect ONE Clip. Gold clip shown.
Blue package with 1 - Neuro Connect ONE Clip. Silver

Neuro Connect™ ONE Single Clip

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Neuro Connect™ ONE technology helps to optimize muscle and joint function improving your ability to balance, control movement and maintain strength.

Neuro Connect™ all in ONE device for Muscle and Joint. Use for all types of activities, from light work to strenuous activity! Whether you stand at work or have to bend to reach, you want all your muscles and joints to function optimally. Wear ONE Clip and get back to the activities you love!

Neuro Connect™ ONE clip can be worn clipped to the front of the shirt or blouse on the mid-line of the body.

This clip is for human benefit, you wear ONLY ONE for muscle/joint support. (Not used for AK testing.) The single clip comes in gold or silver.

You will receive guidelines for placement and safe use!

The Neuro Connect devices do not cure disease. Taka Chi Performance or Taka Chi Dressage Stables do not engage in rendering medical service or advice and the information provided is NOT a substitute for professional medical care.