Neuro Connect Balance Clip - Set of One shown.
balance clip for improving balance
Neuro Connect™ BALANCE  Single Clip
Neuro Connect™ BALANCE  Single Clip

Neuro Connect™ BALANCE Single Clip

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The Neuro Connect™ BALANCE clip is infused with a different subtle energy pattern than the Neuro Connect™ LIFESTYLE or Neuro Connect™ ONE device.

Communicates with the balance center of the brain, the Cerebellum. This is Sarah's favorite clip for horse riding/communication. For riding, place one clip on the throat latch of the horse's bridle OR have the rider wear it on the mid-line of a shirt or undergarment.
Excellent "all day" product to feel more balanced and centered, both physically and mentally, on or off the horse.

Use independently of other clips. Not used in AK testing.

Single clip. Available in Red.

One Neuro Connect Balance clip per package. Not to be worn when sleeping.

Do not use with other Neuro Connect products

The Neuro Connect devices do not cure disease. Taka Chi Performance or Taka Chi Dressage Stables do not engage in rendering medical service or advice and the information provided here is NOT a substitute for professional medical care.