Answer your questions about Neuro Connect™

Do you have any scientific proof the devices work?

All findings are based upon over seven years of clinical testing using functional neurology. We are aware that credible peer-reviewed studies take years to complete and indeed we have three streams of scientific studies and one survey in the works at the moment.

  • Assessment of the effects of wearing Neuro Connect devices on the elderly.
  • Statistical analysis of the performance of low handicap golfers using golf simulators while using golf shaft bands.
  • Survey: A subjective survey of people with balance issues, with and without the devices.

Are your products the same or similar to Qray bracelets and pendants?

No. The technology used to infuse NeuroReset products is entirely unique and involves principles related to Quantum Physics. It was developed by a team of physicists to drive an energy pattern into the devices. The particular energy pattern we use is called Neuro Connect. Clinic-based kinesiology testing supports the fact that when the devices are worn, muscle and joint function improves. Before and after testing in multiple positions, and methods, support this finding. As far as we are aware, no other devices function in this way.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are extremely rare. Most are due to increased joint and muscle function from wearing the clips. Any soreness in muscles is due to their functioning once again. They need to strengthen and lengthen. Joint soreness is almost always due to increased joint function and the stretching of the ligaments surrounding the joint. If you experience a side effect please remove the device and please contact us.

Can I combine different Neuro Connect products together? 

The BALANCE frequency should not be mixed with the LIFESTYLE device or INFUSED Shaft Bands. They can cancel themselves out.

I have balance issues, which clips are best?

Clinic-based testing suggests that the BALANCE Clip is effective for balance.

Can they be used for sporting activities?

Yes, but be aware that they can get knocked off if playing contact sports. The midline clip can be attached to the collar at the back or to the front of the shirt near the buttons. Some women wear it clipped and hidden in the front center of their undergarment. We consider our devices to be sport enhancement products. 

What about Pacemakers?

The devices do not emit an electrical signal or field and there are no magnetic fields emitted from the devices, therefore we do not believe they will have any negative effect on patients with pacemakers. We recommend you use the devices purely at your own discretion.  If you are unsure, please consult with your medical professional.

Neurological conditions?

At this time we cannot make claims as to their effectiveness.

What about back pain and neck pain?

At this time we cannot make claims as to their effectiveness as the response varies with each individual. 

Where are the devices manufactured?

The stainless steel clips are manufactured in Asia and the remainder of the clips are made and assembled in Canada.

Do they work in a similar way to magnets?

Absolutely not. They do not use magnetism in any way, in fact, the stainless steel clips (starting Jan 2018) are not magnetic.

How long have they been on the market?

Since January 2017.

Who invented this technology and for what purpose?
Dr. Mark Metus, a chiropractor, developed Neuro Connect BALANCE, LIFESTYLE, INFUSED Shaft Band, and CELL EMF protection for his chiropractic patients. 

Where can I read about the science behind this product?

If you have an interest in knowing how quantum entanglement is involved in biological processes, we suggest you read this publication:
Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology, J. Al-Khalili, J. Mcfadden

If clips go through the washing machine are they still effective?

Yes. Even if the dome comes off, you can super glue it back and it will be effective. 

Do you have a Guarantee?

NeuroReset Inc provides a 100% guarantee on all Neuro Connect™ products. If you are not completely satisfied with your Neuro Connect™ device(s) within 30 days, simply return your product to the point of purchase with your receipt for your money back.

Enjoy the in-depth coverage of the Neuro Connect™ products through reading Mark L. Metus' - E-Book - Quantum Alignment Technique:

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Disclaimer: The devices do not cure disease. NeuroReset Inc. or Taka Chi Dressage Stables, Inc. do not engage in rendering medical service or advice and the information provided is not a substitute for professional medical care.