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Meet Neuro Connect™ distributor - Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin is a Grand Prix Dressage rider and trainer from Blanca, Colorado, who winters in Morriston, Florida. Sarah is the owner and operator of Taka Chi Dressage Stables in Colorado.

She teaches Dressage clinics for horses and riders at all levels from 'starting to ride' to Grand Prix competition in the US, Canada, and South America. She has been teaching and training for 35 years. Sarah is a US Dressage Federation Gold Medalist and a member of the faculty for the US Dressage Federation Trainer and Instructor program.

Learn more about Sarah at scmartindressage.com

About Neuro Connect™ 

What is it?

Neuro Connect™ technologyNeuro Connect™ clips carry the same frequency, infused via a light wave, that the brain uses to signal your muscles and joints. They are approved by the FDA as General Health and Wellness products. NEURO CONNECT™ technology enables horses and humans alike to access muscles that may have been “shut off” during an injury or misuse. Equine - Neuro Connect™ is a new technology that facilitates communication between the brain, and the muscles & joints of both horse & rider.


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