Discovery of Equine Neuro Connect™ Clips

Learning about the Equine aspect of the Neuro Connect™ technology took place when I was visiting friends in Canada. The friends just happen to live in the same town as Mark Metus, the chiropractor who developed the 'wavelength' technology to support golfers. My friends being Dressage riders, asked Mark if the clips would work with horses. He said they should, and as luck would have it, I was at their barn when Mark came out. We chose to test the clips on a 9-year-old horse whom I have known since he was 3 months old.
As Mark worked through 'the Protocol,' the change in the horse was very visible in the increased quality of gait, especially in his trot. The first two steps in the process use Applied Kinesiology testing [commonly referred to as “muscle testing”] to locate possible old injury sites. The horse's new owner and Mark did the testing since they had no previous knowledge of this equine. Every site on the horse that Mark located was familiar to me since I knew the history of this animal. Between that correlation and the significant change in range of motion that I observed; I knew I wanted to learn more about what these clips can do!